Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fine Silver (PMC) Amphora with Iolite & Amethyst - Featured Item January 2, 2011

Amphora Necklace with Iolite and Amethyst Chain
This necklace combines multiple PMC techniques with wire wrap jewelry techniques. The amphora is made by brushing PMC paste over a handmade form, until there was enough clay to create a stable form. Handles were made by taking a thin snake of PMC clay and attaching it to the clay form. Once the handles were dry, PMC syringe and a cubic zirconia were used to decorate the amphora. The amphora was then fired. The handmade core burns away in the firing process. The piece was tumbled to strengthen the metal. I then used liver of sulpher to create the patina. THe chain consists of two wire wrap chains and one commercial chain which was patinated to coordinate with the amphora. To bring out the blue and purple tones of the patination, the wire wrap chains were made with iolite and amethyst. This necklace can be purchased at Prairie Willow Jewelry

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