Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dreamin of a Hot Sunny Day - Copper Panel Bracelet

Copper Panel Bracelet

This bracelet is made from copper clay. Copper Clay is similar to Precious Metal Clay in that it is made up of very fine metal particles mixed with an organic binder. However, unlike Precious Metal Clay, Copper Clay must be fired in an oxygen free environment. To achieve this environment, this clay is fired in a lidded container filled with carbon pellets. This can be a messy process, but the end result is lovely.

The panels in this bracelet were laid on a curved surface to dry. Once fired, the panels maintain the curve to help the panels follow the curve of your wrist.

I particularly like the pattern impressed in this bracelet. It reminds me of a hot sunny day. The center of the pattern is a circle with four rays. The rest of the pattern radiates from the center. Dreaming of that hot sunny day...

To see more detailed pictures or to purchase this bracelet go to Copper Panel Bracelet. For more jewelry by Prairie Willow go to Prairie Willow's website or

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